COVID-19 New Legislation and HR Requirements

April 16, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Virtual Meeting

Conference ID 542-051-337
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Due to COVID-19 the April meeting will be virtual.  To join the meeting please go to:

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For this conference call please use the conference number Dial this number:


Conference ID #542-051-337

There is no password or access code for the conference line, you will simply dial the number above.  Once you enter the call you will hear a short “beep” indicating you have successfully joined. You will hear the same “beep” as each party joins the call.

Once you enter the call please mute your line so to allow the presenter to speak without disruption.

Larry Michel of Kennedy,Berkley,Yarnevich, and Williams will present on COVID-19 New Legislation and HR requirements.

Guests are allowed to attend only one meeting as a guest. If you have attended a meeting in the past, please join before registering for this event.




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